Access 500+ investors and secure contracts with top market makers
Ignite your Web3 project's success with expert mentor guidance
Turn your Web3 dreams into funded success
Unlock $100k Funding
Close your round
Unlock boundless investments from our venture partners, and we also fund the top three accelerator projects with $100k each. Amplify your venture with Odyssey!
Discover 1:1
1-on-1 mentorship is vital in the Odyssey Program. Participating startups get a project manager to link them with required mentors.
Get a Deal with a Top Market Maker
Boost your Web3 potential with Gotbit's AI across various exchanges and blockchains. Benefit from tailored strategies and constant risk management.
Accelerate your journey
The Development course includes three lectures on mastering the tech stack, understanding tokenomics, optimizing protocol implementation via SDKs and APIs, and delving into the mathematics of cryptocurrency. It equips students with vital technical skills for the crypto industry.
This Business Management course comprises four lectures, focusing on business analysis for financial success, DAO governance, sustainable blockchain projects, and disruptive innovation. It's designed to empower students to excel in the evolving crypto economy.
The Marketing module offers three lectures that focus on mastering the tech stack, understanding tokenomics, and optimizing protocol implementation via SDKs and APIs. It's crafted to equip students with the technical marketing skills needed in the crypto realm.
The Finance and Legal module includes one lecture, "Navigating the Legal Landscape of Cryptocurrency", aimed at equipping students with the knowledge to navigate the complex legalities of the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector.
The Fundraising module, comprised of four lectures, covers sustainable financial strategies, mastering pitching, understanding the fundraising process, and successful public sale models. It's designed to provide students with the tools for successful project financing in the crypto space.
The Market module, with two lectures, delves into DeFi trends and strategies for effective exchange listing and marketmaking. It aims to equip students with the knowledge necessary to navigate and succeed in the crypto market landscape.
25 hours of lectures 40 hours of 1:1 work
During the program, we will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to succeed.
Leveraging Communities
in WEB3
02 Oct, 3:00 PM EST
Adapting products to changing environment
30 Oct, 3:00 PM EST
Native Web3
09 Oct, 3:00 PM EST
Token as a Protocol Value Capture Mechanism
16 Oct, 3:00 PM EST
What VCs seek in
an attractive investment
23 Oct, 3:00 PM EST
Get ready for some serious Due Diligence! We've got a few minimum project requirements, but beyond that, your success is in your hands.
  1. Verified and ready to scale business model
  2. Tokenomics – sorted and ready to roll
  3. DeFi wave only
  4. Ready to take off MVP or product
  5. Powerhouse team
Only the top 10 applications will join the next batch
Stellar Minds Behind Our Mentorship Program
Toshi, Managing Partner. Ex-Binance
Nomiks, Head of Engineering
Varys Capital,
Head of Venture
Maven Capital,
Konstantin Kozlovsky
We believe in your potential and are ready to deploy capital through the Odyss3y Accelerator program
Our proud moments
Who’s already accelerated with the Odyss3y
Arcana is the Ultimate Web3 Toolkit, giving developers a simple one-stop shop to build any sort of application by picking services from a modular suite.
DeFiHelper is a multichain, non-custodial DeFi assistant that offers a comprehensive range of features for asset management and pool analytics, along with a convenient notification system that sends updates on the value of your portfolio
Farm XYZ simplifies investing in any DeFi asset turning each liquidity pool, yield farm, or more complex strategies into XASSETs - ETF-like smart contracts that automate all processes
Firepot Finance is an omnichain crypto management platform and wallet designed with simplicity in mind and focused on improving the DeFi experience so much, even your Mom can use Defi
Interest Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users in the Sui Network to swap, borrow and lend
Interest Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users in the Sui Network to swap, borrow and lend
Movement is a modular framework to build and deploy Move-based blockchains, applications, and infrastructure in any distributed environment
StableBattle is the first real-time mass PvP tournament game with its own self-generating monetary prizes and no requirement for players to spend or risk their money.
Trait Swap is a dynamic, composable NFTs infrastructure & digital goods marketplace, allowing web3 natives to customize their digital avatars and use them in every web3 game and metaverse.
Frequently asked questions
What Is The Odyssey?
The Odyssey is a web3 accelerator geared towards crypto warriors making waves in the present world. Lasting for 3 months, this remote program seeks out the crème de la crème, the trailblazers of the blockchain.

Our mission is to elevate these teams to new heights. Dive deep into our program, and participants will level up in areas like crypto marketing, fundraising, tokenomics crafting, and business model design.

Demo Day is the climax, where eager investors arrive to scout and back the projects that have powered through our acceleration journey. It’s a transformative experience, bridging the gap between innovation and the next frontier of crypto evolution.
Who Should Apply?
Every Web3 startup stands to gain from our initiative, irrespective of their progress. The guidance and mentorship you receive might vary, based on if you’re just starting out or further along in your journey.

We guide startups in the initial phases through understanding their target audience and honing their product direction. Often, these startups have vast market potential but require direction in seizing the right opportunities.

For those in advanced stages with a well-defined product vision, we offer expertise in specialized Web3 areas, such as token dynamics, regulatory insights, and market entry strategies.

Moreover, founders from both stages frequently share how The Odyssey has broadened their crypto connections. Not only have they built a network with leading Web3 enthusiasts, but many have also secured partners like market makers, aiding them in token listings and ensuring its liquidity. This often results in boosts in sales, user engagement, collaborations, and capital raising activities.
How much does the acceleration program cost?
The program is zero-fee.

All we ask from crypto founders is to be plugged in and ready to grind with mentors. Full-on hustle is expected during the program's 3-month blockchain journey.
How much investment can my project receive?
Your project can tap into two sources of investment:

Odyssey Investment: Access funding of up to $ 100k directly from Odyssey to fuel your project’s progress.

Investment from Odyssey Partners: Engage with Odyssey demo-days, where you have the chance to attract investment from leading VCs, opening doors to further support for your project’s journey.
Is this a remote program?
Yes, indeed! You can fully participate in this program from the comfort and convenience of your own space.
Where should my team and my company be located?
Your team and company can thrive anywhere on our blue planet — no restrictions, just a touch of Earthly humor.
How long does the acceleration program last?
The program spans a duration of 3 months, with a commitment of approximately 15 hours per week. This setup is designed to suit your pace and needs.
What are the selection criteria, and how can I increase my chances?
Our selection process unfolds across 3 distinct stages: the application form, pre-demo-day evaluation, and due diligence. We prioritize proven product traction, delve into your project’s financial metrics, and foster our own anticipations of its allure and potential.
When is the next batch?
Mark your calendar for October 2023—that's when the next Odyssey Accelerator batch sets sail!
How many companies get accepted into the program?
We carefully curate a group of 10 exceptional projects for each program cycle, ensuring a focused and collaborative experience for all.
What happens at the end of the program?
After a transformative 3-month odyssey, participants are ushered into the spotlight for our epic Demo Day. This is where each project shines, showcasing their achievements to a captive audience of crypto investors who’ve keenly followed their journey.

Historically, projects that graduate from our acceleration phase receive between 50 to 100 warm introductions. Many conclude their current funding rounds successfully, thanks to the connections and exposure gained during the program, including those from founders of projects from previous batches.
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