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Odyssey is more than just an accelerator – it's a compass for startups navigating the crypto frontier and a beacon for investors seeking the next decentralized marvel. We're intentionally boutique, emphasizing a tailored experience over a mass-produced one.
Only 3% of projects make it into our accelerator batch
From the myriad of blockchain visions, only 10 startups are selected for our meticulously curated journey, and not all reach the final stage of Demo Day. This discerning approach ensures we invest our resources in truly revolutionary projects, those poised to redefine the crypto landscape. Our track record includes standout successes like Arcana and Firepot Finance.
Experience unparalleled collaborations with Odyssey. Keen on being at the forefront of crypto innovation? Consider this your invitation to our demo day. Together, we'll shape the future of blockchain.
Reviewing 300+ applications each batch
We select the crème de la crème from an expansive pool of initial applications. Just making the cut is a significant achievement for startups.
Deep dive in due diligence
Our team of analysts and lawyers meticulously vets all documents, reports, and project traction to ensure only the investment-ready startups make it to demo day.
Investing in those who shine on demo day
Startups that complete our accelerator program aren't just our pride and joy; they're also ventures we're eager to back personally.
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Who’s already accelerated with the Odyss3y
Arcana is the Ultimate Web3 Toolkit, giving developers a simple one-stop shop to build any sort of application by picking services from a modular suite.
DeFiHelper is a multichain, non-custodial DeFi assistant that offers a comprehensive range of features for asset management and pool analytics, along with a convenient notification system that sends updates on the value of your portfolio
Farm XYZ simplifies investing in any DeFi asset turning each liquidity pool, yield farm, or more complex strategies into XASSETs - ETF-like smart contracts that automate all processes
Firepot Finance is an omnichain crypto management platform and wallet designed with simplicity in mind and focused on improving the DeFi experience so much, even your Mom can use Defi
Interest Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users in the Sui Network to swap, borrow and lend
Interest Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users in the Sui Network to swap, borrow and lend
Movement is a modular framework to build and deploy Move-based blockchains, applications, and infrastructure in any distributed environment
StableBattle is the first real-time mass PvP tournament game with its own self-generating monetary prizes and no requirement for players to spend or risk their money.
Trait Swap is a dynamic, composable NFTs infrastructure & digital goods marketplace, allowing web3 natives to customize their digital avatars and use them in every web3 game and metaverse.
Average post-Demo Day valuation growth
We are the elite crew
Toshi, Managing Partner. Ex-Binance
Nomiks, Head of Engineering
Varys Capital,
Head of Venture
Maven Capital,
Konstantin Kozlovsky
We believe in your potential and are ready to deploy capital through the Odyss3y Accelerator program
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Pre Demo-Day blaze: the fiery finale of September
Navigating the application abyss: our vetted voyage
November 13, 2023
Spotlight on DeFi's new sovereign: our alum, Arcana
Revisit the scorching outcomes as emerging crypto crusaders ignited the stage, showcasing disruptive ledger lore before an engaged assembly, setting t...
November 13, 2023
Delve into the narrative of Arcana, the recent crown jewel of the DeFi dominion, as it unrolls a narrative of innovation and fiscal alchemy, embody...
November 13, 2023
Dive into the meticulous voyage we undertake as we sift through the waves of applications, anchoring on the ones poised to ripple through the crypto cos...
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